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You are here: Home > News > New Erasmus + grants - development of mobility of academics and students

The Institute of International Studies is pleased to inform you of new funding obtained for the launch of international mobility programs and the development of further cooperation with such academic centres as the Applied Sciences Private University, Mediterranian University of Albania, International University of Sarajevo, Dalhousie University, and Stellenbosch University.  Grant applications have been successfully submitted and prepared under the Erasmus + KA171 2022 competition, together with the International Cooperation Office by:

 - Dr hab.  Jarosław Jarząbek: Jordan (2 teaching visits, 1 student trip, 3 student visits)
 - Dr Anna Jagiełło-Szostak: Albania (1 didactic trip, 2 didactic visits, 1 student trip, 1 student trip) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 didactic trip, 1 didactic trip, 1 student trip, 1 student trip)
 - Dr Marek Musioł: Canada (1 didactic trip) and South Africa (2 didactic trips, 2 didactic visits)
 The support covers both incoming and outgoing grants.
 The obtained support will allow for further internationalization of ISM.

 Congratulations to all!