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You are here: Home > News > Research visit and internship of Dr. Marek Musioł at Sciences Po Bordeaux - Center Emile Durkheim

Dr Marek Musiol, Deputy Director for International Cooperation at the Institute of International Studies, completed a research internship co-financed under IDUB- supporting academic teacher’s mobility.

The thematic program of the internship included:
1.Interviews, meetings, and consultations with the experts of the Sciences Po Bordeaux - Centre Emile Durkheim.
2. Conducting field research at Sciences Po Bordeaux - Centre Emile Durkheim, LAM, Université Bordeaux Montaigne.
3. Leading a meeting and presenting research results.
4. Presenting possible cooperation opportunities in research and scientific projects, and as a part of a highly scored monograph at a prestigious research publishing house.
5. Establishing academic contacts.
6. Library query through access to Sciences Po Bordeaux and Université Bordeaux Montaigne libraries.

Actions were also taken to initiate cooperation between the Institute of International Studies and Sciences Po Bordeaux in such areas as:
- teaching workshops for English-speaking students;
- admission of ISM researchers to research internships co-financed by Sciences Po Bordeaux;
- opportunities for cooperation in joint research projects and scientific publications.