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Master Program International Relations - Global Studies (Study in English)

General Information

The Institute of International Studies of the University of Wrocław offers a program of two-years full-time master studies of International Relations in English. Program is directed to all those who would like to study International Relations in one of the most renowned and modern universities Poland. The language of tuition of all the obligatory courses in the course of studies is English. Students also have the opportunity to choose and study additional courses in English, German, Polish and Russian.

Recent political and economic changes in the world have increased the demand for specialists in the field of international relations with a global perspective. To meet these needs, the Institute of International Studies introduced a program focusing on international relations and combining approaches of global studies, cultural studies and regional studies. The program is designed to equip students with a significant knowledge of the most important contemporary international issues such as the international system, processes of globalization and regionalization, development economics, international human rights protection, commercial law and international economics. Within seminars students can focus on issues related to areas such as diplomacy, bilateral and multilateral relations, international security, European integration, global problems, international communication or international economic relations.

Description of program

The program of Master Studies offered by the Institute contains 900 hours of courses, which is equivalent to 120 ETCS credits. To finish the study students are obliged to write master thesis under the supervision of one of the institute’s professors and defend it.

The program of studies consists of the set of obligatory courses provided in each of the four semesters and optional courses, which students choose according to their own interests. The program of the obligatory courses and detailed descriptions of all the obligatory and optional courses can be found on the website of the Institute of International Studies (//www.ism.uni.wroc.pl). Before the start of each semester students choose their optional courses and workshops using the online system of the selection of courses (http://www.gs.uni.wroc.pl/user). Students have the possibility to attend the workshops and lectures offered each semester in the Institute by visiting professors according to their interests and their individual program of specialization.

Student have to collect 30 ECTS in each semester from obligatory courses, optional courses and workshops. Each optional course is granted 4 ECTS and optional workshop is granted 2 ETCS. Additionally all the foreign students at the University of Wrocław are obliged to attend the course of Polish language for two semesters and pass the exam on level A1. As a part of additional activities students of our program have the possibility to take part in the sport class organized by the University’s Sport Centre, participate in the programs of international student exchange (Erasmus and other programs) and use all the other offers and propositions directed to the students of the University of Wrocław.

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for Master Program International Relations – Global Studies:

Learning outcomes

The program is designed to equip the student in a comprehensive and useful knowledge of the present international issues including the international system, processes of globalization and regionalization, international trade and economy, international security, human rights, social policy and environmental protection. A very important role in the process of learning plays our wide range of optional courses which allows every student to fully profile his/her program of studies and adjust it to individual needs and expectations. Thanks to that, the specialization Global Studies gains a great flexibility and allows our students to obtain the skills and competence both - in the broad-spectrum of the areas of expertise as well as a very deep and complete knowledge in one or a few of the chosen spheres.


Institute of International Studies / University of Wrocław

ul. Koszarowa 3/21, 51-149 Wrocław / Poland

Coordinator: Dr Łukasz Fijałkowski - lukasz.fijalkowski@uwr.edu.pl