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Bachelor in International Relations - Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Wrocław

Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)

Language: English

Level I: Bachelor

Form of studies: Full-time, fee-paying program

Venue: Institute of International Studies, Faculty of Social Science, University of Wrocław

Coordinator: dr Marcina Koczan

adres e-mail:

Learning outcomes and undergraduate profile

An undergraduate possesses knowledge of the political science economy, communication and security, which allows him/her to learn and understand the mechanisms of globalization and development in the contemporary world. A graduate is able to use the knowledge of the area of social sciences and humanities and scientific methods to explain specific problems. The interdisciplinary character of knowledge, skills and social competencies gained during the studies allows the undergraduate to start his/her professional career in international institutions and organizations of intergovernmental and non-governmental character, it the state and public administration, local authorities, international/transnational companies in the spheres marketing, business, trade, advertisement, public relations, new media etc. The undergraduate is also ready to continue his/her academic career in many fields of studies in the areas of social sciences, economy and humanities.

The main assumption of global studies is to concentrate on globalization as the main research and teaching subject. It does not analyse globalization from the point of view of the national state. Instead, global studies put globalization in the centre and study it as a complex and autonomous process that imposes specified and similar conditions to all national and international actors. Global Studies are hardly defined by the assumptions and methods of any of contemporary sciences. Instead, they have a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character, as they combine diverse theoretical approaches of economy, international relations, political sciences, anthropology, sociology, area studies, cultural and ethnic studies, but also some elements of natural sciences such as the earth and life sciences or physics.

Entry requirements:

Undergraduate entry requirements for candidates from the European Union (EU) and candidates from non - European Union (non - EU) countries are:

  1. General Certificate of Secondary Education;

  2. Confirmation of English language competence on the level B2 or equivalent (FCE, TOEFL-550, IELTS 5,5 – 6,0, BEC Vantage or other equivalent international certificates).

Candidates whose native language is English or those for whom English was the language of instruction at previous stages of education have no obligation to provide the test results.

  1. A positive formal assessment of applications through the department coordinator. All the applications are assessed by the Recruitment Commission for the International Relations- Global Studies Bachelor Program.

Files to download: